En kedelig nyhed

Hverdagen, Nyheder.

Min elskede Skat og jeg har lige modtaget en lille e-mail fra Kathy altså hans lillesøster, hvor i hun blandt andet skriver …

I do have some news that I want to share with you. It’s not very happy news, I’m afraid. In late July/early August, I was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma, a type of blood cancer. It is a very slow-growing cancer, which is good. However, it is so slow-growing that I, like most people who have it, did not find out that I had it until it had spread a fair bit in my body. While this cancer can not be cured, many people are able to manage it over a period of years with periodic treatments. I am happy to say that I have completed three out of six rounds of my initial treatment (and I begin my fourth round tomorrow!), which seems to be working. When I saw my doctor on Monday, he said that I did not look like a sick person and that I seemed to be doing well. So, fingers crossed!

… så nu håber vi det allerbedst samt frygter det værste, for det er jo meget langt fra den slags nyhed, vi ønskede at få fra den amerikanske del af familien.